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Ministry Partnerships

Since its release in 1979, Jesus Film Project has translated the "JESUS" film into more than 1,900 languages. It has had several billion viewings worldwide which have resulted in more than 500 million decisions to follow Christ.

God has been able to accomplish this feat with Jesus Film Project through the involvement and donations of private individuals—and organizations like yours. We have now set our sites on the goal of reaching 5 billion unreached people by 2025. And with the help of like minded churches and organizations, can do this together!

Partnership Benefits

By partnering with Jesus Film Project, not only do you get to join with a trustworthy evangelistic organization, you get:

  • Access to proven evangelistic tools and resources. At the average "JESUS" showing, 10% of the viewers decide to follow Christ.
  • Experience and help with ministry strategy. We come alongside you with plans and equipment for planting churches, training missionaries, and developing ministry momentum.
  • Promotion of your church and organization. We feature partners on our website, in our email newsletters, and in stories from our blog.